Basketball Buddy App

Basketball Buddy – the best app to improve basketball shots

Basketball Buddy is the application for basketball players that want to improve their shot statistics. It allows to measure shot percentage from 15 different court zones and much more.

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There are 3 main sections of this basketball app:

  • shot tracking
  • tracking game statistics
  • measuring athletic indicators

Now lets talk about those a little bit more.

Basketball shot tracking

This app allows you to fill the stats from shooting drills from any of 15 zones on the basketball court. After each practice you could check your percentage from different zones and see your advantages and gaps.

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After all, you will be able to see the stats charts by month. So you will know if you are making any progress.

Tracking basketball game stats

This app also allows you to fill and track stats from your games. When you start to fill games data, the app will show the average number for all fields like points per game, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, field goal percentage, etc.

Tracking athletics

Basketball Buddy also has functionality to track such athletic indicators:

  • jump height
  • jump length
  • 100m speed
  • 5km speed

So you can not only focus on your shots, but also keep watching your physical condition.